AUDISPRAY Junior d / ear aer.25ml


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  • AUDISPRAY JUNIOR is a hypertonic solution of seawater, which cleans, dissolves and eliminates the residual wax in the ears. It moisturizes and prevents the accumulation of earwax. For use in children and adults.

hypertonic solution of seawater.

The product has a unique composition (hypertonic solution of seawater), which used allows to dissolve and eliminate residual wax in the ears naturally. In addition, exhibits moisturizing and anti accumulation of earwax in the ear canals.

The preparation should be used in adults, children over 6 years of age for the treatment of ears (in the framework of hygiene and care).

Apply the spray to the ears, repeating the operation if necessary.Press the root of the product by 1 second and hold it in a vertical position. Then massage the lower part of the external ear for 10 seconds and tilt head. Use 2-3 x per week.