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AJONA Stomaticum toothpaste

Dr.Rudolf Liebe Nachf.GmbH & Co.KG

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AJONA Stomaticum toothpaste

Pack size:25mlDosage form:concentrate

AJONA Stomaticum Toothpaste

Ajona is a medical TOOTH CREAM CONCENTRATE and is about five times more effective than normal toothpaste. Please use it sparingly - a lens-sized amount is sufficient. This means you can care for your teeth over 150 times with a 25ml tube of Ajona.

Ajona works – you can feel and taste it.

The special, high-quality formula with a four-stage active principle intensively and sustainably prevents tooth decay, inflammation of the gums and bad breath. You can feel and taste the effect the first time you brush: healthy, clean teeth, strong gums, clean breath and a long-lasting, very pleasant freshness in the mouth.

For the teeth
Excellent cleaning with a very low abrasive effect - in a study by the University of Ulm on the cleaning performance of toothpastes, the medical toothpaste concentrate Ajona Stomaticum performed excellently: gentle yet effective dental care for every day.

For the gums
If you have sensitive gums or sensitive exposed tooth necks, Ajona will suit you. The combination of natural, anti-inflammatory active ingredients, such as bisabolol, eucalyptol, thymol, mentha virdis, effectively prevents gum inflammation and promotes gum regeneration.

For the tongue
Cleaning the tongue is also an important part of daily oral care, because bacteria thrive particularly in the back third of the tongue. As an antibacterial toothpaste, Ajona can help prevent bad breath and effectively eliminate the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum problems.

Ajona is particularly recommended

  • for complete and successful care for teeth, gums and tongue
  • to prevent tooth decay, gum inflammation and bad breath
  • for small and large gum problems
  • for sensitive, exposed tooth necks
  • with dry mouth
  • when traveling, because of their practical size
  • for electric toothbrushes

Please use Ajona at least daily in the morning and evening and brush your teeth for two to three minutes so that the high-quality, nourishing ingredients can fully develop their effect. Ajona is a medical TOOTH CREAM CONCENTRATE and therefore about five times more effective than normal toothpaste.

Electric toothbrushes and dosage
Often a normal amount of toothpaste does not fit on the small head of electric toothbrushes. With Ajona you don't have this problem, as just a lens-sized amount is enough to achieve optimal dental care.

Tongue cleaning
The best way to clean your tongue is to massage a small amount of Ajona with a toothbrush or tongue brush, let it work for a short time and then gently brush it off and rinse it out.

AJONA Stomaticum toothpaste