Bile secretion HEPATOSAN (CHOLAGOGA II) herbs fix 2g x 20 sachets

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  • Bile secretion HEPATOSAN Fix (formerly Cholagoga II) is a traditional product used for indigestion and inadequate bile secretion. The product should be used in case of problems with normal stool.

Bile secretion HEPATOSAN Ingredients:
1 sachet contains 2.0 g:
herb and dandelion root - 0.7 g
herb artichoke - 0.4 g
leaf peppermint - 0.4 g
herb yarrow - 0.3 g
St. John's wort - 0.2 g.

Bile secretion HEPATOSAN action: the infusion increases the secretion of bile and has antispasmodic effect within the duodenum.

Undesirable effects Bile secretion HEPATOSAN: There may be some stomach discomfort such as heartburn, abdominal pain and bloating. By the contents of John's Wort with vulnerable persons may experience allergic to light, which is characterized by skin lesions, such as rash.

Bile secretion HEPATOSAN Indications:The preparation should be used for digestive disorders and insufficient secretion of bile and incidentally the dyskinesia biliary tract.

Contraindications Bile secretion HEPATOSAN: the infusion should not drink people who are allergic to any component of the product, and suffering from biliary obstruction, cholelithiasis, intestinal obstruction and abdominal pain of unknown origin. Preparation should not drink the children under 12 years of age.

Bile secretion HEPATOSAN Dosage: Two sachets of herbs should pour one cup of boiling water. Infuse for 15 minutes, then strain. Drink 3 times a day between meals 1 cup of brew. You should always drink fresh brew.