Winter tea, Black tea NATJUN 80g


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  • Winter Tea is a small work of art - a winter landscape of flavors and aromas. The unusual composition of this mixture - spicy-fruity notes - wrap like a soft, warm blanket on a frosty winter evening.

Black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, lime, black lilac, raspberry, lemon peel, orange peel.

Winter always creates a good mood for drinking tea. Snow outside the window, fire in the fireplace, a good book read in a cozy armchair ... and in my hand a mug of hot tea. Does not that sound wonderful? Sounds, but only with Winter Tea Natjun. Fusion of favorite flavors of each and every frost - we find here warming roots: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, there is a classic sweet raspberry and lime and elderberry, the depth of flavor is complemented by citrus, or lemon and orange peel. Such a set perfectly warms and regenerates forces. If you lack confection, you can add a pinch of sugar or a little honey. And if you come back from a long walk or spend the day skiing, it will not hurt the rum-drip added to the tea.

Additional information:
Always store tea in a dry place away from intense odors.

Information about the company:
When drinking tea Natjun feel that it is created by people with passion. People who love tea and who are not afraid to experiment. They compose blends with the adjuncts they love, blends they like to drink.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Directions for use:
A teaspoon of tea should be poured into a cup, and in the case of a larger glass - 2 teaspoons. Boiled water that left 2 minutes, i.e. reached the desired temperature of 96st. C pour drought. Brewing time 3-4 minutes.

Net weight: 80g.