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ABRA SMART BT glucometer Set x 1 piece


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ABRA SMART BT glucometer is a device for self-monitoring of blood glucose levels, characterized by high accuracy and precision of measurement. The use of biosensory technology and Bluetooth wireless communication are additional advantages of ABRA SMART BT.

ABRA SMART BT glucometer The kit includes:

glucometer OPTILET mini lancing device with AST tip (1 piece)
OPTILETS disposable lancets (10 pieces)
Test strips (10 pieces)
Instructions for
use of the kit
Quick instructions for using the kit Instructions for using the test strips
Batteries 2 x AAA

Operation of the ABRA SMART BT glucometer:

The ABRA SMART BT glucometer in a set with OPTILETS lancets and the OPTILET lancing device is a modern device that will meet the expectations of people who require daily blood glucose control. The ABRA SMART BT device guarantees accurate and fast measurement, which requires a very small amount of blood from the fingertip (0.5 microliters). The device is equipped with a large and easy to read display where all indicators and messages can be read without any problems. The device has alarm functions: 4 daily alarms, a hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia alarm and the possibility of marking the measurement before and after a meal. An additional advantage of the ABRA SMART BT device is the possibility of using Bluetooth wireless communication. The Bluetooth Low Energy module can transmit glucose data to compatible wireless devices (smartphone, tablet), for this purpose it is necessary to install the recommended application: ISTEL Health. The accuracy of the device complies with the ISO EN15197: 2015 standard.

Application of ABRA SMART BT glucometer:

ABRA SMART BT blood glucose test kit is designed for home blood glucose testing in people with diabetes.

How to use the ABRA SMART BT meter:

Before using the ABRA SMART BT kit, carefully read the instructions attached to the kit. Always follow the instructions in this manual in order to avoid erroneous results or incorrect treatment.