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ACCU CHECK Performa test strips x 50


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Accu Check Performa test strips recommended for self-determination of blood glucose. For use only with Accu-Check blood glucose meters. The package contains 50 pieces.

ACCU CHECK Performa test strips Action:
Test strips make it easy to measure blood glucose at home. They are compatible with the following blood glucose meters: Accu-Check Performa, Accu-Check Performa Nano, Accu-Check Performa Combo, Accu-Check Performa Expert.

ACCU CHECK Performa test strips Application:
Accu-Check Performa Blood Glucose Test Strips.

ACCU CHECK Performa test strips Additional information:
Preferably, the test strips require care as they are very sensitive to moisture. Remove them only with dry hands, immediately after removing the test, close the container tightly with the original lid, which is equipped with desiccants. The use of useless test strips may produce erroneous results. To avoid false results, do not bend the test strip when inserting it into the meter, and do not move it while applying blood or measuring.

Do not use test strips beyond the expiration date.

Directions for use:
Using the lancing device, puncture your fingertip, and then apply a drop of blood to the center of the orange field on the test strip.