CARDIAMID with caffeine drops 100ml chronic fatigue syndrome


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  • Chronic fatigue syndrome CARDIAMID with caffeine is a product that stimulates the body, increases its efficiency and psychophysical influence on the acceleration of the heart rate. CARDIAMID with caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.

CARDIAMID with caffeine Ingredients:
Content in 4ml drops:
- Caffeine 95mg
- an extract of hawthorn fruit - 60.40 mg
- extract of ginseng root 53.28 mg
- guarana seed extract 22,20 mg   - 1.40 mg vitamin B6

CARDIAMID with caffeine Action:
Caffeine helps reduce mental fatigue and improve concentration.Vitamin B6 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to maintain normal psychological function.

CARDIAMID with caffeine Indications:
This product is intended for use in the event of increased mental and physical activity or fatigue of the body. Indicated to combat zapaściom and syncope, and at low pressure.

CARDIAMID with caffeine Dosage:
2 ml of fluid (40 drops) 2 times a day. The formulation contains in its composition of materials having natural bitterness, and therefore drops can be administered in a small volume of water, fruit juice or sugar