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  • Algae-Complex, is a supplement that supports the body's natural immunity and has detoxifying properties. The center also affects the well-being and increases the life activity. It contains the composition of spirulina, clover and alfalfa

1 tablet: Spirulina 310mg, 110mg alfalfa, red clover 105,5mg, carbon krzemu- binder 2.5 mg, anti-caking agent magnesium stearate 2 mg.

Algae-Complex, a measure of innovative composition, recommended for people dieters and the overtired, weakened and devastated by the disease. Contains Spirulina - Algae rich in nutrients. It is also the alga contains in its composition the greatest amount of protein and ß-carotene, B vitamins, biotin, folic acid and numerous minerals and omega-6. With a wealth of fitostrogenów in alfalfa and clover - means of relieving unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Clover contained in the preparation additionally sensitize the body to the other herbs. The center has a positive effect on the increase in active life. It improves the processes of thinking and concentration, which leads to increased work capacity and strengthens the proper functioning of the immune system.

Algae-Complex, especially recommended for people overtired, weakened, devastated by disease, as well as intense dieters. Supplement recommended also by periodic treatments detoxification (cleansing).

For prevention 1-2 tablets a day