APIBON x 30 capsules, yeast infection treatment, immune system supplements


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  • Yeast infection treatment. Apibon Bonimed, is a natural product which supports the body's immunity against bacteria, viruses, fungi. It contains extract of propolis, pollen - ingredients safe and supportive human health.

Apibon, the preparation used to strengthen the body's resistance to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The Apibonu includes extract of propolis and bee pollen - natural raw materials, which among many advantages, among other things support the proper function of the liver and prostate as well as proper blood supply to the brain. Apibon is also recommended for use in people exposed to toxic chemicals.

Indications: Apibon is used to enhance immunity. Supports proper liver, prostate and promotes proper blood supply to the brain.

Composition: extract of propolis (20 mg per capsule), Bee (400 mg per capsule) and the excipients: gelatin (shell component), maltodextrin, stearate magnesium, colloidal silica.

Directions:Consume 3 times daily 1 capsule.