FLEXISEQ® gel joints, 50 g

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"Flexiseq®" lubricates joints cartilage may help in pain and stiffness. It improves joint function disorders associated with all stages of osteoarthritis.

"Flexiseq® Gel with Sequessome Technologija®.
Winning BVDA (Federal German Pharmacists Association) Innovation Award, efficient and safe solution:
It can help relieve pain and restore joint flexibility;
naturally reduces arthritis affect the joints of friction.
" Flexiseq® Gel is used twice a day - morning and evening. Apply joint sore right amount of gel, įmasažuojant around the joint but not several. Recommended join knee gel content - twice a day after a 2.2 g (about 7 cm).
Before covering the application area, let Flexiseq® Gel dry. This will take no longer than 10 minutes. If the gel dries up, the next time you use a smaller amount of gel.