MOSBITO soothing gel after insect bites 15ml, mosquito bites treatment


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  • Mosquito bites treatment. Mosbito Gel soothing after the bite of insects, contains natural plant extracts and soothing D-panthenol, which instantly cool and provide relief for the itching, baking and redness of the skin. 

licorice root extract, kukurbityna - amino acid from pumpkin seeds, D-panthenol 

Mosbito soothing gel after bites, is an irreplaceable preparation that soothes all irritation caused by contact of insects with the skin. The gel cools coolly and eliminates redness after bites: mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ants, spiders and other insects, on which we are exposed especially during the summer. The product contains natural extracts, such as licorice root extract, kukurbityna - amino acid obtained from pumpkin seeds and D-panthenol. Ingredients, these moisturize and accelerate the regeneration of damaged skin, and soothe irritated skin and visibly reduce its swelling. The product does not contain alcohol. 
Moabito soothing gel after bites, effectively alleviates the effects of insect bites (including: mosquito, nap, ticks, wasps, bees, ants, spiders). Provides a long-lasting feeling of coolness and brings relief. 

Directions for use:
Apply topically, immediately after insect bites. Gently spread a small amount of gel at the bite, do not rub into the skin to avoid additional irritation.