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AGNES improves hormonal balance 60 tablets

ALIUD Pharma GmbH

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Agnus castus AL film-coated tablets

Active ingredient: dry extract of chaste fruit.
It is used for menstrual rhythm disorders (regular pace anomalies), a feeling of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia), monthly recurring complaints before the menstrual period starts (premenstrual complaints).
If you feel tension or swelling in the breasts or if you have menstrual disorders, you should first consult a doctor, as these may be diseases that require a medical examination.
Contains glucose and lactose.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
ALIUD PHARMA ®GmbH, Postfach 1380, 89146 Laichingen
Status: April 2014

film- coated tablets
Supports menstrual disorders • Helps with rhythm disturbances in menstrual bleeding • Relieves tension and swelling in the • breasts (mastodynia) • Relieves premenstrual menstrual symptoms Natural treatment of menstrual disorders

Menstrual irregularities are common. For many women, their monthly menstrual period is uncomfortable. These impair the women's joy of life every month anew. These include irregular menstrual periods, a feeling of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia) and monthly recurring complaints before the start of the menstrual period (premenstrual complaints) such as back pain, headaches, skin changes, exhaustion, water retention, cravings and irritability. The intake of AGNUS CASTUS AL can have a positive effect on the menstrual disorders mentioned.

Popular medicinal plant

Monk's pepper or chaste mud are the effective fruits of the medicinal plant Agnus Castus. The extract from the fruits can intervene in the hormonal balance by inhibiting the release of the hormone prolactin. Many women with elevated prolactin levels are prone to menstrual disorders and chest pain (mastodynia). By regulating the prolactin levels, Agnus Castus can have a positive effect on menstrual disorders.

Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, adults take 1 AGNUS CASTUS AL film-coated tablet whole daily with plenty of fluid. If possible, the film-coated tablet should always be taken at the same time of day. For a reliable effect, AGNUS CASTUS AL should be taken for at least 3 monthly cycles.