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ACCU-CHEK Safe T Pro Plus lancets

Roche Diabetes Care Germany GmbH

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ACCU-CHEK Safe T Pro Plus lancets

Pack size:200 pcs Dosage form:Lancets

Disposable lancing devices for professional use.

ACCU-CHEK Safe T Pro Plus lancets Barely noticeable blood

withdrawal Two aspects are particularly important for professional blood collection in clinics and practices: safety and hygiene. The single-use lancing devices Accu-Chek® Safe-T-Pro Plus meet the high requirements on the one hand and enable simple and intuitive handling on the other. The single-use lancing devices thus increase safety and hygiene for patients and employees.

ACCU-CHEK Safe T Pro Plus lancets Your advantages

Reliable avoidance of cross infections and needle stick injuries:

  • Removable sterile cap protects the lancet from contamination
  • Sterilized lancet safely in the housing - no direct needle contact possible
  • Blocking of the lancet after use by a special safety mechanism - multiple use is excluded
  • Disposal of the complete lancing device after use - no risk of injury
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for security products (TRBA 250)
  • Individual and flexible
  • With 3 selectable penetration depths (1.3 mm, 1.8 mm and 2.3 mm) for different requirements of patient groups (economic advantages!)
  • Adaptable to different skin conditions