Alkotest x 1 piece, alkotester


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  • Alkotester. Alkotest this product, which is responsible for effective and fast (because in 2 minutes) to detect the presence of alcohol in the breath. It is easy and convenient to use.

Promille is a product that allows you to test the level of alcohol in the body. In the central part of the tube's material. If after the test had not changed color, it means that no breath alcohol (score 0.0 ‰).However, if there is a change of color of said substance, it can be stated that the person performing the test is under the influence of alcohol. Accurate results can be obtained by comparing the resultant color with the color scale. In order to read the display as the darkest it is desirable to observe the crystals contained in the substance of measuring. The crystals change color at a different intensity. Despite the stated alcohol in the breath, it may be that the white spots are still visible. Alkotest product is disposable. Very convenient and easy to use.

It is recommended to use the test to determine the presence of alcohol in the breath.

The product started immediately before use. Press the cap on both sides, to pierce the protective film. Then it is advisable to take a deep breath, put it to his mouth a red cap and without interrupting the blow for about 10 seconds. After 2 minutes, compare the color of the substance with the attached scale.