AMNIOQUICK 1 Amniotic fluid test x 1

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The Amnioquick 1 Amnioquick 1 amniotic fluid test is a useful tool to help detect premature rupture of the membranes in pregnant women. The test result is obtained on the basis of proteins, which allows you to make a 100% reliable diagnosis.

Amnioquick 1 amniotic fluid test kit included:

The Amnioquick strip test, packed in an envelope with a desiccant - 1 pc., Disposable sterile Dacron swab - 1 pc., Test tube with diluent - 1 pc., Instructions for using the product.

Action Amnioquick 1 Amniotic fluid test:

The test enables the detection of the IGFBP-1 protein in a vaginal swab, its presence in the vaginal discharge clearly indicates oozing of amniotic fluid. The Amnioquick 1 Amnioquick 1 amniotic fluid test helps detect premature rupture of the membranes. The test is quick (results within 10 minutes) and simple, it is characterized by 100% diagnostic sensitivity and 91% diagnostic specificity. Due to the fact that the test result is based on proteins and not on the pH, the influence of factors such as, for example, fungal infections on the result is eliminated.

Amnioquick 1 Amnioquick 1 amniotic fluid test intended to be used to detect premature rupture of membranes. Can be used from the 15th week of pregnancy.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

How to use the Amnioquick 1 amniotic fluid test:

Using a Dacron swab, take a swab from the vaginal wall. Insert the swab into the test tube, rotate it for 10 seconds. Discard the swab and insert the test strip into the solution. You can read the result 10 minutes after the test strip was dipped into the tube.