KIT do Apteo Care, FIRST AID KIT

Synoptis Pharma

£19.99 £30.00

  • FIRST AID KIT APTEO CARE includes a set of products necessary during the journey and every day. The contents of the medicine cabinet is applicable both in the case of minor injury and is ideal for treating cuts and wounds.

The Kit contains:

  • Sterile gauze dressing APTEO CARE 1m2,
  • Sterile gauze compresses APTEO CARE 9 cm x 9 cm,
  • woven elastic strap with a clasp APTEO CARE 5 mx 12 cm,
  • Knitted bands supporting APTEO CARE (4 x 5 cm, 4 x 10cm)
  • patch fabric with dressing APTEO CARE 1 mx 6 cm
  • adhesive nonwoven APTEO CARE 5 x 2.5 cm.
  • hydrogen peroxide 100 g APTEO MED
  • scissors,
  • disposable latex gloves.

The contents of a first aid kit is located in a practical and robust case.It can, of course, keep the supply according to your needs. All products in the medicine cabinet are packed in a separate package.