2KC Xtreme x 12 tabl. increasing the efficiency and speed up the metabolic alcohol


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2KC Xtreme 12 Tabl.
The ingredients in the formulations 2KC effect of increasing the efficiency and speed up the metabolic alcohol. Accelerating the oxidation of toxic acetaldehyde to harmless to the body of carbon dioxide and water cause the symptoms associated with the presence of acetaldehyde (headache, nausea and vomiting, flushing, somnolence) do not appear or are clearly reduced. Due to the rate of absorption of alcohol, and the time of his conversion the most effective protection and best performance of preparations obtained by using them in the course of alcohol. Ahead thus adverse reactions and prevents the accumulation and increase in the concentration of toxic substances, as well as reducing the effects of anoxia. 2KC products also have strong antioxidant properties. Encourage the removal of harmful free radicals generated during alcohol metabolism.
Composition of glucose, sodium glutamate, succinic acid, ascorbic acid, tumarowy, magnesium sulfate
Indications: Use in the course of alcohol in order to prevent the formation and storage in the body of toxic breakdown products of alcohol. 2KC reduces symptoms associated with alcohol abuse
Action: It is designed for adults whose activities require increased mental and physical effort. Increases strength and improves concentration. Supplements vitamins B and C, amino acids and organic acids. It provides easily digestible energy. L - kartynina and taurine actively influence the rate of energy transformation. Succinic acid and glucose regulate alcohol metabolism in the body. Cysteine ​​and glycine support mechanism for cleansing the body of harmful substances and free radicals.
Manufacturer: FARM BETTING. Colfarm
Contraindications: Not indicated for pregnant women and lactating mothers, children, diabetics, and people who are sensitive to the ingredients. It tastes best when chilled.