2WD Quemagrasas liquid 500ml, healthy diet plan


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  • 2WD Quemagrasas supplement for people on a diet, the composition of which is based on raw materials of plant origin: horsetail extract, elder, birch white, yerba mate, stinging nettle and green coffee. It contains zinc.

water, active ingredients: dry extracts: birch leaves 210mg, from the leaves of yerba mate 210mg, leaf nettle 210mg of green tea leaves 210mg, seeds of green coffee 140mg, part of the ground horsetail 140mg and elder flowers 140mg, berry flavor, preservative potassium sorbate E202, sweetener acesulfame K E950, preservative E211 sodium benzeosan, sweetener sodium cyclamate E952, E330 citric acid and active substance: zinc sulphate - 1.5 mg zinc in 35ml of liquid.

2WD Quemagrasas, innovative dietary supplement that helps weight loss by draining excess water from the body and burning fat. Recipe 2WD Quemagrasas was based on natural raw materials of plant origin: composition of standardized extracts of horsetail, elderberry, birch white, yerba mate, stinging nettle, green coffee and zinc.

How to use:
Take a portion of 35ml a day, in the morning when dissolved in 200ml glass of water, or dissolved in a 1.5 liter bottle of water and drink during the day. Shake well before use.