Ear wax removal

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A-cerumen formulation for cleaning and hygiene ears x 5 ampoules, ear wax removal

  • Ear wax removal mild preparation with a dissolving wax and cleansing ears - A-cerumen in the form of disposable ampoules. The product to be used both in adults and in children and infants.

A-cerumen formulation for cleaning and hygiene ears, ear wax removal Composition:
salt solution alkylamido-polypeptide - 35,56g solution kokamidopropylu betaine - 6g PEG 120 methyl glucose dioleate - 1.5 g, vehicle QS - 100g.

A-cerumen formulation for cleaning and hygiene ears, ear wax removal Action:
Water and fat emulsion A-cerumen is a measure of surface-active properties designed for hygiene ears. The use of emulsion will dissolve wax, the active ingredients degrease deposits of wax and remove them. Used regularly prevents the re-accumulation of deposits in the ear canal. The product is packaged in an ampoule, the shape of which allows easy application and by the fact that the fluid is relatively dense does not spill out of the ears. Each vial is fitted with a plug that allows it to be used in two rounds.

A-cerumen formulation for cleaning and hygiene ears, ear wax removal Application:
A-cerumen formulation for the treatment of ear hygiene and for the removal of earwax. The product for infants, children and adults.

Additional  Ear wax removal x 5 ampoules information:
Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. If you are having problems with a self cleaning of the ear canal with wax, you should go to a specialist for treatment. The ampoule should be used within 24 hours of opening. The product stored at a temperature no higher than 30st.C, out of reach of children.

Do not use in case of eardrum perforation, chronic inflammation of the middle ear and the ear canal, in the case of ear pain.

Ear wax removal x 5 ampoules Usage:
To be used for regular hygiene ears - apply 2 times a week. In the case of accumulated deposits woskowinowych: apply morning and evening for 3-4 days. Prior to application, tilt your head slightly to the side so that no fluid flowed directly from the ear, instilled half the contents of the vial into each ear hole. After about a minute, tilt the head back, then the product along with the secretions of the mucous membrane comes out, then rinse, wipe secretions flowing. Do not insert dispenser too deeply into the ear, so as not to cause irritation.