ADERMA EXOMEGA DEFI Lotion 200ml moisturizing and softening

Pierre Fabre

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  • ADERMA EXOMEGA DEFI Lotion moisturizing emollient is a product that increases the comfort of dry skin, nourishes and increases the level of moisture. Smoothes and soothes itching and irritation.

Extract of young shoots of oats Rhealba®, Filaxerine®

Balsam was developed using an innovative formula. The package has DEFI (Dispositif Exclusif Formule Intact), which seals and protects the product against superinfection. Excerpt from the young shoots of oats Rhealba exhibits anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory. It soothes irritation and annoying itching.Filaxerynie rebuilds and supports the skin's barrier function. Regular use of lotion reduces the discomfort associated with the symptoms of an allergic skin reaction.

It is recommended to use lotion for dry skin, sensitive and atopic. Recommended for adults, children and infants from 2 months of age.

How to use:
Apply externally. Lubricate the skin of the body, repeating the operation on average x 2/24.