Abdominal belt universal Teresa "30" XXL x 1 piece, ab belt

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  • Abdominal belt. Velcro cummerbund universal Abdominal belt Teresa with a width of 30cm protects the abdomen and lumbar-sacral. XXL size will be suitable for people with abdominal circumference: 121-140cm.

polyester - 55% cotton - 33% elastane - 8%, polyurethane - 4%.

Cummerbund universal Abdominal belt brand Teresa will be useful for people after abdominal surgery because it significantly facilitates independent movement, protects the abdomen and reduce the incidence of postoperative hernia. In people who suffer from abdominal hernias (eg. Umbilical or postoperative) contributes to the reduction of its enlargement. Abdominal belt due to its characteristics warming reduces the pain and discomfort of diseases degenerative inflammatory arthritis and helps to increase the efficiency of the treatment of sciatica. The product will be helpful in strengthening the abdominal muscles and will provide protection against lowering the viscera of the abdominal cavity.

Medical device cummerbund universal Teresa "30" is recommended for use after abdominal surgery, in case of hernia, sciatica and degenerative diseases-inflammatory arthritis.

Additional information:
The product stored in a dry, shaded place at room temperature. The product can be washed by hand at about 40st. C using mild detergent. Do not iron, do not bleach. Keep the warranty.

Do not wear on damaged skin or directly on the wound.

How to use:
You should consult with your doctor the use of the product. First you choose the right size, in order to measure the circumference of the abdomen, and using the table to choose the right size belt. Correctly fasten the seat belt covers the abdomen and lumbar-sacral segment, a Velcro fastener is at the front. Wearing the belt should be combined with the performance of rehabilitation exercises without them can lead to weakening of abdominal muscles.