ACC acut 600 acetylcysteine effervescent tablets 40 pcs

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ACC ® acut 600 mg acetylcysteine effervescent tablets

Active ingredient: acetylcysteine.

Field of application: To dissolve mucus and to facilitate coughing up in the case of respiratory diseases with thick mucus.
Contains lactose, sorbitol and sodium compounds.

For ACC acut 600 acetylcysteine effervescent tablets information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist!

Mat.-No .: 2/51008575/51008576
Status: February 2021
Hexal AG, 83607 Holzkirchen

ACC ® acetylcysteine loosens the mucus and makes it easier to expectorate

In the course of a cold, viscous mucus often forms in the airways after a few days, which is difficult to cough up. It blocks the cilia of the airway mucous membrane, which restricts their movement and can no longer remove the mucus.

  • loosens the mucus
  • facilitates coughing up

ACC ® acetylcysteine is available as effervescent tablets in different strengths. The effervescent tablets are characterized by their rapid solubility and a pleasantly fruity taste of blackberry.

ACC ® acetylcysteine dissolves thick mucus and makes it easier to expectorate.

The active ingredient acetylcysteine ​​contained in ACC ® is a precursor of the natural amino acid cysteine. Acetylcysteine ​​dissolves cross connections, so-called disulfide bridges, in the "secretion network", which make the mucus tougher and thicken it. This allows the mucus to liquefy again and be more easily coughed up. The cough can better fulfill its useful function again: to clean the airways.


  • is suitable for adults and adolescents from 14 years of age.
  • only once a day!
  • should best be taken in the morning so that the mucus can be coughed up during the day.

Adolescents from 14 years and adults

ACC acut 600 acetylcysteine effervescent tablets DAILY DOSE
2 times a day ½ or 1 times a day 1 effervescent tablet each (equivalent to 600 mg acetylcysteine ​​per day)

Dry heating air or air conditioning systems encourage the mucous membranes to dry out. In order to prevent infection, it is therefore important to ensure regular air exchange.

Regular physical exercise stimulates the immune system. Outdoor sports are ideal. In addition, a visit to the sauna or alternating showers in the morning can strengthen the immune system. But be careful: do not exercise if you already have a cold and the sauna is then also taboo.

Colds are usually transmitted via viruses through droplet or smear infection. This can happen either through direct contact with people who have a cold or through potentially contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs.

ACC acut 600 acetylcysteine effervescent tablets FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS:
How can a cough be prevented?

  • Regular hand washing and avoidance of crowds
  • drink a lot
  • Regular ventilation or use of a humidifier to avoid dry heating air
  • balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Avoiding stress and getting enough sleep
  • Exercise in the fresh air and / or regular sauna visits

How long can I take ACC ® acetylcysteine acut cough remover?
If the clinical picture worsens or there is no improvement after 4-5 days, you should consult a doctor.

How should ACC ® acute 600 mg acetylcysteine cough remover be stored?
Keep this medicine out of the sight and reach of children. You must not use this medicine after the expiry date stated on the folding box and the edge-sealed pouch after “use by”. The expiry date refers to the last day of the month indicated. This medicinal product does not require special storage conditions.

What should be considered when taking ACC ® acut acetylcysteine cough remover?
ACC ®acute 600 mg cough remover should not be taken if you are allergic to acetylcysteine ​​or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
Caution is advised:

  • if you suffer from bronchial asthma or have had or have a stomach or intestinal ulcer.
  • in patients with histamine intolerance.