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ACC DIRECT 600mg 10 sachets


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What is ACC Direct 600

ACC DIRECT 600 is a medicinal product that liquefies and facilitates the expectoration of bronchial secretions in diseases of the respiratory system associated with the formation of very viscous secretions (expectorant). It is intended for direct consumption. It has a pleasant blackberry taste.

The sachet is poured into the mouth. No pre-dissolution is required.


ATC Direct 600 is used to liquefy bronchial secretions and facilitate expectoration in acute and chronic lung diseases (acute and chronic bronchitis, COPD, bronchiectasis) with increased formation and difficulty in secretion of bronchial secretions.

When should you not take ACC Direct 600?

The product should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient acetylcysteine ​​or to any of the other ingredients of the product.

Due to the high content of active substance, ACC Direct 600 should not be used in children under 14 years of age. For this purpose, there are suitable medicinal products with a lower content of active substance.


1 sachet daily, poured directly into the mouth. It has a pleasant taste.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.