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Acerin Stopper nail prone to fungal infection 8g

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  • Fungal nail infection. Your biggest problem is the condition of your nails, which, unfortunately, are prone to the development of fungal infection? Try a unique lacquer Acerin stopper that prevents fungal infection, while care of nail plate.

Alcohol Denat, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Salvia Lavendulaefolia Leaf Oil, Hydroxypropylcellulose, 4-terpineol, Climbazole, Clotrimazole, Parfum, Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene.

Nail fungal disease with a tendency to Acerin Stopper composition comprises a composition of ingredients that have an inhibitory activity excessive growth of pathogenic microbes and thus protect the nails against mycosis. An additional advantage of the coating is its conditioning effects. It helps to strengthen the structure of the nail and the repair of the damaged tiles. Importantly, the paint dries quickly.

Acerin Stopper varnish for use in the care of nails, which are prone to fungal infection.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Product dermatologically tested. If during treatment irritation or allergic symptoms, discontinue application.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product. Not for use in women during pregnancy and breast-feeding women.

For external use. Apply on clean and dry nails, it means that it is necessary also other washing, paint. After painting the nail, wait a few minutes until the paint dries completely. For the next 2-3 hours to avoid contact with water. When the paint is completely dry, you can paint the nails colored varnish. Use 1-2 times a day for a month, after a month to reduce the frequency of application to once a day.