ACETOCAUSTIN solution 0.5 ml wart treatment with spatula


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The wart treatment with the spatula version of the Acetocaustin® solution is suitable for those who already have experience in handling monochloroacetic acid.


ACETOCAUSTIN solution 0.5 ml wart treatment with spatula:

In wart treatment, the spatula is wetted with the solution and then the desired amount is applied to the wart. The advantage of the spatula version is that the bottle can be used for treating warts on different people. The permanent contact between the spatula and the monochloroacetic acid ensures the hygienic requirements for this.


ACETOCAUSTIN solution, wart treatment with spatula Precautions

Since the active ingredient contained in the solution is monochloroacetic acid, a highly effective substance for the treatment of warts, we ask you to strictly observe the following safety instructions:

- Read the instructions for use carefully!

- Never apply more than the recommended dose!

- Avoid any contact with the eyes and mucous membranes!

- The product is only suitable for external use - do not put it in your mouth!

- Only suitable for treating common warts on hands and feet! Never use on the face or genital area!

- Pretreated warts may only be treated with the Acetocaustin® solution when the consequences of the pretreatment have completely subsided!

- Never treat more than one wart at a time!