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ACIDUM PHOSPHORICUM, nervous system disorders

nervous system disorders

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ACIDUM PHOSPHORICUM N, nervous system disorders,  Oligoplex Liquidum


Homeopathic medicine for nervous disorders





10g =10.9ml; 1ml corresponds to 19 drops.




Acidum phosphoricum, nervous system disorders N Oligoplex® contains 57% alcohol by volume. In the case of prolonged states of exhaustion, weight loss and any persistent, unclear or newly occurring symptoms, a doctor should be consulted, as these may be diseases that require medical clarification. Since there is not enough documented experience, Acidum phosphoricum N Oligoplex® should only be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding after consulting a doctor. Only give Acidum phosphoricum N Oligoplex® to children under the age of 12 after consulting a doctor, as there is not enough experience to date for a general recommendation for this age group.