ACTIFEROL Fe 0,03g x 30 capsules

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  • ACTIFEROL Fe. Bioresulasible iron at a dose of 30 mg for infants, children and adults. It is a medium of special medical use in iron deficiency and anemia. Actiferol Fe has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

Iron (ferric pyrophosphate) 30 mg, maltodextrin, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. 
Capsule shell: methylcellulose (HPMC). 

Biopersupible iron in Actiferol Fe is safety and good tolerance for the body. Iron is a micronutrient needed for the proper development and functioning of the body. It is a component of hemoglobin, which determines the transport of oxygen. Iron deficiencies are mainly due to its low content in the diet and low bioavailability. Actiferol Fe contains iron in a unique form so that it is well-absorbed - as confirmed by clinical studies. Iron in Actiferol Fe is released in the intestines, thus avoiding the discomfort of the digestive tract. The product does not stain the teeth and does not give a metallic aftertaste and has a GRAS safety certificate. 

In iron deficiency and / or anemia: Infants and children: dosage under medical supervision dependent on individual needs. Adults: 1 capsule daily and / or under medical supervision. Infants and children: the capsule should be opened and spilled into the baby's food. Adults: capsule to swallow and drink with water.