ACTIFEROL Fe 30mg x 30 sachets

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  • ACTIFEROL 30mg Fe is bioavailable iron for infants, children and adults. For the dietary management in the states of iron deficiency and anemia.

Iron - 30 mg

Iron SunActive Fe

  • is released in the intestines, not in the stomach, so do not feel the ailments of the digestive tract;
  • not stained teeth and does not give a metal taste;
  • It has a safety certificate GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

In states of iron deficiency and / or anemia:

Infants and children: the dosage under medical supervision depend on the individual needs.
Adults: 1 sachet per day and / or under the supervision of a doctor.

The content of the sachet must be dissolved in warm water / beverage or added to food. Consume immediately after preparation. Actiferol Fe ™ does not change the taste of the food you eat.