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ACTILITE Dressings with Manuka Honey 10cm x 10cm x 1 unit


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  • ACTILITE Manuka Honey Dressings is a product characterized by antibacterial activity. It shows hygroscopic properties and accelerates wound healing process.

ACTILITE Manuka Honey Dressings Ingredients:
honey, tea tree oil

ACTILITE Dressings with Manuka Honey Operation: The Manuka Honey Dressings is intended for local use. Manuka shrub has antibacterial properties, which reduces colonies of microorganisms. In honey there is an enzyme (glucose oxidase), which contributes to the formation of hydrogen peroxide, which affects the destruction of bacteria. The dressing works hygroscopically, which allows the moisture in the wound to be healed and faster healing. It is easy to use.

ACTILITE Dressings with Manuka Honey Contraindications:
- allergy to the ingredients of the drug (bee venom, tea tree oil, honey)


The Manuka Honey Dressings should be used in the case of surface wounds, intermediate wounds and full thickness (such as decubitus ulcers, wound infections, ulcerations).

Use externally. Manuka Honey Dressings change depending on the size of the exudate. However, you can leave it on the wound for a maximum of one week.