ACTILITE Dressing with manuka honey 10cm x 20cm x 1piece


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  • ACTILITE dressing with Manuka honey is a preparation with antibacterial properties. In addition, it speeds up the wound healing process and maintains moisture at the site of injury. Does not adhere to the wound.

ACTILITE dressing with Manuka honey Ingredients:
honey, tea tree oil

Action: The product does not stick to the wound. It has a unique antibacterial coating Activation +, of natural origin. Thanks to this, it reduces bacterial colonies. It owes its action to the enzyme contained in honey - glucose oxidase, which contributes to the formation of hydrogen peroxide. The said coating ensures that the wound environment maintains adequate humidity and, as a result, accelerates healing. The dressing is easy to use.

ACTILITE dressing with Manuka honey Contraindications:
- allergy to the components of the drug (bee venom, tea tree oil, honey)

It is recommended to use the product for various types of wounds, e.g. pressure sores, cuts, ulcers, wound infections.

Apply topically, adjusting the size of the dressing to the wound. Change depending on the size of exudate, swelling and treatment methods. However, you can leave it on the wound for a maximum of a week.