ACTISOFTIN Lip Cream 8g Fester Cracking of Lips Krem, dry lips treatment, chapped lips remedy


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  • ACTISOFTIN cream is a product that stimulates skin renewal processes, nourishing and smoothing. ACTISOFTIN improves the tightness of the blood vessels, tones, nourishes and has soothing properties.Quickly and effectively combats Cracking of Lips.

Ingredients ACTISOFTIN:
extract from Onopordum acanthium extract wąkotki Asian, horse chestnut extract, panthenol, Moisturizing Complex

The formulation is a cream intended for topical application. It consists of an extract from Onopordum acanthium, which is responsible for stimulating the renewal and reconstruction of the skin in the corners of the mouth. It works and repair and strongly regenerates. Extract from wąkotki Asian contributes to nourishing and smoothing the skin, improving its appearance and condition. Horse chestnut extract increases the tightness of the blood vessels, reduces redness and exhibits soothing. Panthenol soothes at the same time by relaxing and softening the skin. Moisturizing complex (Moisturizing Complex) coated skin at the corners of the mouth, the protective coating that prevents the negative effects of external factors. The product accelerates mitigation zajadów, alleviating associated symptoms and significantly improving the appearance of the skin. It also protects against re-occurrence of cracks in the corners of the mouth.

Contraindications ACTISOFTIN:
- allergic to ingredients

ACTISOFTIN Indications:
The product is indicated in case of Cracking of Lips.

How to use:
Apply topically. The cream should be applied spot in the corners of the mouth. Repeat the process as needed, several times a day.