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ACTISORB 220 Silver 10.5x10.5 cm sterile compresses

kohlpharma GmbH

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ACTISORB 220 Silver 10.5x10.5 cm sterile compresses

Pack size:10 pieces Dosage form:Compresses

The Actisorb Silver 220 dressing is effective in vitro against 150 microorganisms associated with wound infections, including MRSA and VRE.² shows that the dressing has effective antimicrobial activity without damaging host cells or preventing fibroblast proliferation³
The Actisorb Silver 220 dressing prevents unpleasant odors and thus improves the patient's well-being.⁴
Since odor nuisances can be accompanied by wound fluid, the Actisorb Silver 220 dressing also removes the exudate and ensures that a moist wound environment is maintained.⁵

This dressing is an activated carbon dressing with silver enclosed in a non-adhesive nylon cover that not only stops odors, but also binds bacteria and bacterial toxins in the bandage due to the activated carbon.¹

  • The activated carbon binds odors in the bandage¹
  • Activated charcoal binds bacteria and toxins that impair the healing process¹
  • Silver kills the bacteria in the bandage⁵