ACTIVBLOCK SENSITIVE roll-on 25ml, roll on deodorant


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  • Activblock Sensitive roll-on applicator, the preparation comprising as active ingredient aluminum chloride at a concentration of 15%.Antiperspirant, provides long-term and advanced protection against excessive sweating armpits and inhibits odor.

alcohol deceased., Aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrex, allantoin, propylene glycol, water, cotton seed extr., Panthenol, PEG-12 dimethicone

Action: Activblock Sensitive, is an innovative formulation that protects the skin sensitive to the problem of excessive sweating armpits. Antiperspirant provides long-term and advanced protection and inhibits the secretion of unpleasant smell.In addition, formula preparation has been enriched with soothing ingredients: allantoin, panthenol and extract of cotton, to reduce the risk of irritation to sensitive skin. Antiperspirant has a long duration of action from the application. The product is safe to use and has been dermatologically tested. Aktivblock Sensitive contains no preservatives, parabens or fragrance.

Use: Activblock Sensitive, is designed for those for whom conventional antiperspirants are not effective enough. Action antiperspirant Activblock persists a few days.

To use: Apply at night on clean and completely dry skin armpits.The skin must not have been depilated, shaved or otherwise irritated / damaged / cut surface. Initially to be used Activblock Sensitive every other day (at night) for 6 days, and then less frequently as needed, 2-3 times a week. In the morning you simply wash and possibly use "ordinary" antiperspirant or deodorant - despite washing Activeblock Sensitive operation will continue. After applying antiperspirant Activblock Sensitive do not shave or remove hair from the skin for 48 hours. Clothes should be set up only after the complete drying of the product.

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