ACTIVBON x 20 capsules, mental health activities


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  • Activbon, is a natural herbal preparation streamline mental activity. Recommended fatigue, with a high intellectual effort and for physically active people. The composition of Activbonu signed an extract of guarana and ginseng root - Ginseng.

1 capsule contains:
Extract 450 mg guarana, ginseng root extract - Ginseng 50 mg.

Action: Activbon, is beneficial to the improvement of mental activity. Ideal for situations where there is excessive fatigue, and strenuous physical and intellectual. Herbal, natural composition Activbonu, it provides safety and is recommended as an everyday dietary supplement ingredients to improve brain performance.Included in Activbonie extract Guarana contains natural caffeine and stimulating effect, while the extract Ginseng - Ginseng primarily boosts energy, increases vitality, improves concentration and increases resistance to stress

Directions: Consume 1 to 2 capsules spot.