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ACTIVITKI multivitamin Lollipops x 50 pieces

Polfa SA Tarchomin

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  • ACTIVITKI multivitamin Lollipops is a dietary supplement that provides the body with the child's complex containing vitamin A, C and E. These ingredients support the immune system, strengthening resistance.

1 lollipop contains: Vitamin A 0.16 mg Vitamin C 25 mg Vitamin E 2.4 mg. Fruity lollipops with thickened fruit juice, enriched with vitamin C. lollipops flavored with orange, lemon, cherry and raspberry.

Dietary supplement form is appealing to children lollipops with a fruity taste. Encourages consumption, so that application pociechom vitamins has become much simpler. It contains vitamin C, which has immunostimulatory properties and enhances immunity. Additionally, it promotes the absorption of iron and vitamin E with antioxidant properties, protecting against free radicals. Vitamin A is involved in the normal process of vision.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation ingredients

Indications: It is recommended to use lollipops to supplement the body of vitamin C, A and E. Recommended especially in the increased incidence of colds and flu, and decreased immunity.
Oral use, to lick. Children aged 4-6 years lollipops administered up to 2/24 h. Children over 6 years of age and adults serve no more than 4 lollipops / 24.