ACTIVON TUBE manuka honey tube 25g, medical grade manuka honey


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  • ACTIVON TUBE manuka honey is a product that not only has antibacterial, but also supports the elimination of necrotic tissue, accelerates healing and reduces the unpleasant smell coming from the wound.

Honey 1 activity UMF (Unique Manuka Factor)

The product has a natural composition. It contains honey, which owes its unique characteristics. It works osmosis and eliminates dead tissue while stimulating the growth of new cells. Reduce the level of odor emanating from the wound. Regulates the level of humidity in the place of pathologically altered and stimulates the healing process (stimulates granulation and epithelialization). Above all, the antibacterial properties (due to the presence in honey, glucose oxidase enzyme, which contributes to formation of hydrogen peroxide).

- allergic to the ingredients (bee venom, tea tree oil, honey)

Use preparation for various kinds of wounds (especially necrotic or odorous).

Apply topically, directly on the wound or used in conjunction with Activon Tulle or Algivon. For use during the four days of the opening of the tube.