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ADAPTIL CALM starter set for dogs 48 ml


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ADAPTIL ® Calm starter set

socket vaporizer with 30-day flacon, 48ml

Helps your dog stay relaxed and comfortable at home.

The ADAPTIL ® Calm socket vaporizer turns your home into a comfort zone for your dog and thus ensures a better quality of life You and your dog.

The ADAPTIL ® Calm vaporizer works around the clock and thus offers constant comfort at home. Therefore, it is the first choice for stressful situations at home and helps your dog to relax and feel more comfortable in these situations.

Use it and help your dog stay relaxed:
• when staying home alone
• in fear-inducing situations
• with loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms)
• when someone comes to your home.

The most important information about the ADAPTIL ® Calm starter set at a glance:
• Non-medicinal help for dogs to feel good
• Reduces signs of stress
• Relaxed, scientifically proven
• Recommended and developed by veterinarians
• Suitable for dogs of all ages
• With ADAPTIL ® Calm you feel comfortable Dog at all times

How does ADAPTIL ® Calm work?
Mother bitches communicate with their puppies via a natural messenger substance that is released into the ambient air: "relaxation messages", which science calls dog appeasing pheromones. This odorless messenger substance can only be perceived by dogs and neither by other animal species nor by humans. These “relaxation messages” give dogs of all ages a strong feeling of security and security.

ADAPTIL ® Calm sends these “relaxation messages ” so that your dog feels safe and comfortable in stressful situations.

The relaxation through ADAPTIL ® Calm has been scientifically proven.

Use ADAPTIL ® Calm to help dogs:
• to be more balanced in fearful situations (fireworks, thunderstorms)
• to be self-confident in your new home
• to feel comfortable at home on your own
• to adapt to a new environment (moving, new family member or pet)

analogue of the dog relaxation pheromone 2 %
Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon 100 ml

Using the ADAPTIL ® Calm Start-Set
• Turn the bottle into the vaporizer and plug it into the socket.
• Leave the wall outlet vaporizer plugged in for 30 days.
• The vaporizer should be placed in the room where the dog is most of the time.
• Each evaporator covers a living space of up to 70 m².

The use of the ADAPTIL ® Calm vaporizer is not recommended in cases of hyperactivity or aggression. Pheromones can be used in conjunction with veterinary drugs. They are suitable for dogs of all ages.

The ADAPTIL ® Calm vaporizer must be plugged in continuously.

The bottles can be replaced every month by purchasing an ADAPTIL ® Calm refill bottle . Each ADAPTIL ® Calm bottle has a peel-off sticker that reminds you when to change your ADAPTIL ® Calm bottle.

DO NOT CONNECT: under an electrical device; under furniture, behind doors, curtains or under objects placed on a wall (e.g. a shelf); to a multiple socket / extension cable.