ADAPTIL EXPRESS energy feed tablets for dogs 40 pcs


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The ADAPTIL ® Express tablets, adaptil express dog calming tablets

The ADAPTIL ® Express tablets are a feed supplement for dogs.

ADAPTIL ® Express contains a special mixture of amino acids, GABA and vitamins from the B complex, which helps dogs to stay relaxed in occasionally challenging situations.

The tablets only have to be given two hours in advance and thus serve as quick help in stressful situations.

The ADAPTIL ® Express tablets have been scientifically proven to help reduce signs of anxiety quickly.

The most important things about the ADAPTIL ® Express tablets at a glance:
• Helps you relax quickly
• Helps dogs in occasional, challenging situations
• Relaxed, scientifically proven
• Recommended and developed by veterinarians
• Natural liver taste - as tasty as a treat

In which situations can I use the ADAPTIL ® Express tablets?
The tablets can be used preventively in occasional, challenging situations that cause fear or stress for the dog, such as:

• celebrations and parties
• fireworks
• thunderstorms
• travel and car trips
• visits to the vet or dog groomer

Adaptil express dog calming tablets Composition:
Refined palm oil, maltodextrin, yeast, magnesium stearate, GABA, green tea extract, rich in L-theanine, processed animal protein (pork).

Adaptil express dog calming tablets Additives (per tablet with 1.3 g):
Vitamin B1 1 mg
Vitamin B6 9 mg
Vitamin B12 0.01 mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3) 2.5 mg
L-Tryptophan 100 mg

Adaptil express dog calming tablets Analytical components: Crude
protein: 48%
Crude fiber: 6, 8%
crude oils and fats: 5.8 % crude
ash: 6.8%

Store at room temperature.

Dosage of the ADAPTIL ® Express tablets
Give the tablet (s) two hours before the foreseeable stressful situation begins. If necessary, the application can be repeated after 6 hours. The tablets can simply be given with or without other food.

Body weight of the dog - amount of tablets
Up to 10 kg - ½ tablet
10 to 20 kg - 1 tablet
20 to 30 kg - 2 tablets
over 30 kg - 3 tablets

Due to the natural liver taste, the tablets are as tasty as a reward.

In some situations, such as fear of loud noises, we recommend combining the ADAPTIL ® Express tablets with the ADAPTIL ® Calm vaporizer for the socket. When traveling and driving, the ADAPTIL® Express tablets can be taken before the start of the journey and combined with the ADAPTIL ® Transport Spray for the transport box or the trunk.

The ADAPTIL ® Express tablets are available in two sizes:
• 10 tablets, 13g in total
• 40 tablets, 52g in total