AERODESIN 2000 Disinfectant liquid 1000ml

Lysoform Dr.Hans Rosemann GMBH

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  • Disinfectant liquid Aerodesin 2000 is an alcoholic disinfectant that has a wide spectrum of action and quickly and effectively combats bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses. The product easily reaches hard to reach places and gaps.

1-propanol 32.5g; ethanol 18g; glutaraldehyde 0.1 g.

Aerdesin 2000 is a special disinfectant that has a rapid duration of action on pathogenic bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses. A special sprayer facilitates application of the agent and thanks to that it reaches hard to reach places and gaps. Aerdesin 2000 has a pleasant delicate fragrance and does not leave stains, smudges or deposits on disinfected objects and surfaces.

Aerdesin 2000 disinfectant, showing a wide biocidal spectrum. Time of action:
bacteria, fungi: 1 minute; tuberculosis bacilli: 5 minutes; viruses: BVDV (HCV), Vaccinavirus: 30 seconds; HIV, HBV: 1 minute; Adenovirus: 5 minutes; Papovravirus: 15 minutes; Poliovirus: 30 minutes.

The preparation is ready for use. It must not be diluted. Disinfection can be carried out by spraying or wiping; With 1 liter of preparation, you can disinfect 20 - 30 sq m.

Aerodesin should not be used on surfaces sensitive to alcohol (eg plexiglas, some plastics, paint coatings, varnishes). In case of doubts, attempt to influence the preparation on the given surface. Wear protective gloves when handling the preparation, do not inhale.