AFRIN PURESEA HYPERTONIC Nasal relaxation 75ml, nose breathing

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  • Afrin pure sea, afrin nasal, nose breathing. AFRIN PURESEA HYPERTONIC in the form of a nasal hypertonic spray is responsible for cleansing and restoring the nasal passages, especially during rhinitis. Removes allergens and microorganisms.

Sterilized, hypertonic seawater solution.

Spray is a unique preparation that, thanks to hypertonic seawater solution, cleans and clears the nasal passages. It allows the removal of dried secretion accumulated in the nose and protection of the mucosa against the influence of environmental factors. It allows free breathing and removes sensitizers, bacteria and viruses.

It is recommended to use a spray to clean and clean the nasal passages. It can be used in children over 6 years of age and adults.

Apply nasally, before applying, tilting the head to the side.