Afternoon tea for children SIDROGA TEExpress fruits fox

Sidroga Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsprodukte mbH

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Afternoon tea for children Sidroga TEExpress ® Fruits Fox
Preparation for tea-like drinks, for children from 1 year and adults

Pack size:15X0.3 g 

Dosage form:tea

hibiscus flower extract, currant powder (black), rose hip extract, apple powder

Nutritional value:
Calorific value below 50 kJ (12 kcal) in 100 ml and per serving (150 ml)

1 sachet for 1 serving (100-150 ml). Pour cold or warm water, if necessary let cool down to drinking temperature. Always prepare the drink fresh.

Consumption recommendation:
Children consume a maximum of 4 servings per day

Important note:
To protect against tooth decay, avoid constant sucking and always hold the bottle yourself. Get your child used to drinking from the cup as quickly as possible. Do not use sugar for sweetening!
✔ hot and cold soluble
✔ 100% vegetable
✔ no added sugar

15 filter bags à 0.3 g

Made in Germany. Fabriqué en Allemagne.
Sidroga Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsprodukte mbH,
Postfach 1262, DE ‐ 56119 Bad Ems
Sidroga AG, Weidenweg 15, CH ‐ 4310 Rheinfelden