AFTEX gel for aphthae 20ml.


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AFTEX gel for aphthae Application:

AFTEX gel supports the recovery processes in case of injuries, infections, inflammations or ulcers in the oral cavity.

It is suitable for prevention in case of:

· Aphthae (aphthous stomatitis), small lesions;

· Ulcers in the oral cavity;

· Injuries from braces, dentures, etc.

AFTEX gel is a natural combination of herbal extracts.

Sumac - has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Licorice - acts as an antiseptic and accelerates healing processes.

Sea buckthorn - helps to heal, epithelialize and renew cells.

Aloe vera - accelerates the growth of new cells; supports the healing process.

Hyaluronic acid - contributes to faster cell regeneration.

AFTEX gel for aphthae Effects:

· Soothes, strengthens and protects;

· Forms a protective film on the wound itself;

· Reduces pain and inflammation;

· Restores;

· Fights pathogenic microorganisms.

AFTEX gel for aphthae Composition:

Extracts of sumac, licorice, sea buckthorn and aloe vera, maltodextrin, hyaluronic acid, chlorhexidine gluconate, excipients.

Aftex does not contain alcohol and does not sting.

AFTEX gel for aphthae Usage:

3-4 times a day or as needed, at least 1 hour before meals and drinks.