AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA, chaste fruit dry extract

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Agnus castus STADA ® 4 mg film-coated tablets, chaste fruit dry extract

Active ingredient: chaste fruit dry extract.

For the treatment of rhythm disturbances of the menstrual period (regular pace anomalies), feeling of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia), monthly recurring complaints before the menstrual period starts (premenstrual complaints).

Note: In the event of a feeling of tension or swelling in the breasts or menstrual disorders, a doctor should first be consulted, as these may be diseases that require a medical examination.

Contains glucose and lactose.

Read the information AGNUS CASTUS menopause leaflet about risks and side effects and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ® film- coated tablets
Agnus castus STADA ® film-coated tablets for women with mentation problems

• Treatment of feelings of tension and swelling in the breasts
• Use for pain in the abdomen and lower back pain in the course of PMS
• Therapy for rhythm disturbances of the menstrual period
• Relieves the monthly recurring symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome
• Ingestion of a (divisible) film-coated tablet daily menstrual symptoms

AGNUS CASTUS menopause package contents
60 pieces

Herbal medicine for the treatment of Like the Agnus castus STADA ®
The Agnus castus STADA ® film- coated tablets with the dry chaste fruit extract as an active ingredient are suitable for the treatment of complaints before and during menstruation. The medicine relieves feelings of tension and swelling in the breasts (mastodynia) and premenstrual discomfort before the menstrual period starts. These can include irritability, difficulty concentrating and water retention in the body. In particular, the Agnus castus STADA ® film- coated tablets can be used to remedy arrhythmias in the menstrual period (regular pace anomalies). Film-coated tablets AGNUS CASTUS menopause increase the wellbeing around the period

For some women, the days around menstruation are a burden: feelings of tension and swelling in the breasts, abdominal pain, lower back pain and irregular bleeding are typical complaints before and during menstruation. During the menopause, for example, night sweats can also be responsible for discomfort. The Agnus castus STADA ® film- coated tablets, a natural remedy that has been tried and tested for generations, alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menstrual discomfort.

AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ® for women with premenstrual complaints
Common physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) include back pain and headaches as well as the retention of water in the tissue (edema formation). The cyclic edema is sometimes clearly visible on the face, especially on the eyelids, and on the hands, feet and legs. Impairments to the mental state include mood swings, irritability and aggressiveness, depressive moods, listlessness, states of fear and disorders of sleep and concentration. Agnus castus STADA ® counteracts such complaints with natural means.

AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ® for women with menstrual discomfort
During their menstrual period, many women experience pain that is related to a strong contraction of the uterus. As a result, cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen occurs shortly before the start of the menstrual period, which in some cases lasts for days. In addition, symptoms such as migraines, back pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting can occur. Agnus castus STADA ® particularly alleviates abdominal discomfort and lower back pain in the course of PMS.

Frequently asked questions AGNUS CASTUS menopause When is the best
time of day to take AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ® ?
It is recommended to take one film-coated tablet daily, preferably at the same time of day. to take?

How long is AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ®
In order to achieve an effect as reliably as possible, Agnus castus STADA ® should be taken over at least 3 monthly cycles.

What should be done with the application if the intake has been missed?
In the event of a missed intake, this should not be made up. Instead, continue with the next dose.

Can the AGNUS CASTUS menopause STADA ® film- coated tablets be used together with other medicinal products?
If dopamine receptor antagonists are taken at the same time, there may be a mutual weakening of the effect, as there are indications of a dopaminergic effect of chaste fruit.