AKNE-CYL Ho-Len-Complex drops 50 ml Pulsatilla

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This drug AKNE-CYL Ho-Len-Complex drops is a homeopathic complex drug consisting of the individual components Pulsatilla (for skin diseases) Rhus toxicodendron (for itchy skin diseases) and Sulfur (for chronic skin diseases itchy eczema and suppurations). The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures. These include: Improving the condition of blemished skin.

AKNE-CYL Ho-Len-Complex drops, Pulsatilla Active ingredients

375.0 mg Sulfur (hom./anthr.) 375.0 mg Toxicodendron quercifolium (hom./anthr.) 250.0 mg Pulsatilla pratensis (hom./anthr.)

AKNE-CYL Ho-Len-Complex drops, Pulsatilla Auxiliary materials