AKUSTIKA Holiday windproof wool + noise protection stoppers

Südmedica GmbH

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AKUSTIKA Holiday windproof wool + noise protection stoppers.

pack size:1 Dosage form:combination pack

The new Acoustica Holiday travel set helps to protect your ears from noise and cold air when you are out and about.


AKUSTIKA Holiday windproof wool + noise protection stoppers:

The practical little box contains ear wool for approx. 12 plugs and 4 reusable noise protection plugs made of skin-friendly and PVC-free polyurethane with an average insulation of 35 dB, compactly packed and always ready to hand.

The noise protection plugs adapt completely to the ear canal and offer good noise protection without irritating the sensitive skin of the ear canal. Before inserting, the noise protection plugs are rolled between the fingers for a few seconds, squeezing them together and then inserted into the ear canal.

The windproof wool included in the set reliably protects the outer auditory canal from cooling down from cold air from air conditioning systems or from rough weather.