AKUSTIKA protecting ear from water

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Acoustics protecting ear from water
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Akustika Wasserschutz consists of a water-repellent coated wool and is therefore ideal protection when showering, swimming or washing your hair.
Before use, the flaps are cut at the seam and are then to be used in the same way as the acoustic windbreak.
This ear protection is water-repellent, but not waterproof, so that pressure equalization to the inner ear is always guaranteed.
Protection for sensitive ears, AKUSTIKA protecting ear from water.
Akustika® water protection

colored , water-repellent The ideal ear protection when showering, swimming and washing your hair.

It prevents the penetration of water into the ear canal and thereby the occurrence of discomfort in the ear.

In the event of inflammation in the external auditory canal and injuries to the eardrum, the doctor or pharmacist should be consulted before use.