AKUSTIKA windbreak, windshield

Südmedica GmbH

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Acoustics windbreak, windshield
Pack size: 1 p
Akustika windshield is made of pleasantly soft wool that can be removed from the pack as required.
Rolled into a pea-sized ball, the wool is inserted into the ear canal.
It spreads out again slightly on its own and fills the ear almost invisibly.
The wind protection does not interfere with hearing and is very comfortable when you are out and about in stormy weather without wanting to wear a hat or a headband.
Wool has the advantage over wadding that, due to its self-drying properties, it does not clump together when exposed to moisture.

Give your ear the care it needs.

To use Akustika® windshield (wool), take a pea-sized amount and twist it into an earplug, which you insert into your ear canal under gentle pressure.

Pull out with fingertips after use.

Do not use any pointed objects! In the event of inflammation or injury to the ear canal or eardrum, the doctor should be consulted before use.