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ALCOVIT MED x 25 sachets, alcohol blood level


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  • Alcohol blood level. Alcovit Med is an innovative product! Reduces the level of alcohol in the body. Reducing the amount of alcohol and its toxic metabolites in the blood, it reduces the unpleasant symptoms the next day.

Alcovit Med is a medical device. Its innovative action is the ability to reduce the level of alcohol in the body. Reduces the amount of alcohol and its toxic metabolites in the blood, so the next day after the event you get up in good shape.

This is possible thanks to the action of the natural silicate mineral contained in the formulation Alcovit Med which has the ability to selectively bind molecules alcohol and removing them from the body.

Alcovit Med is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Binding molecules of alcohol in the stomach and small intestine by depriving them of the possibility of entering the bloodstream.

As alcohol, a substance that is freely soluble in water, freely passes through the biological membranes, can be reabsorbed from the blood surrounding the intestine. This returning to the intestine alcohol also is sensed by Alcovit Med.

Less alcohol absorbed into the blood, the less toxic metabolite - acetaldehyde syndrome responsible for the following day.

Dosage: The recommended to use Alcovit Med just before, during or immediately after alcohol consumption.