ALERBON x 60 capsules, black cumin seed oil benefits, allergy medicine


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  • ALERBON is a natural preparation that runs on oil-based black cumin. As a result, responsible for relieving the discomfort associated with the occurrence of allergy (e.g.,. Cutaneous or intestinal).

Oil of black cumin, a component of the shell (gelatin, glycerol).

1 capsule contains:
Oil of black cumin 500 mg,

Dietary supplement has a natural composition. It consists of a substance called oil of black cumin. It is a source of compounds exhibiting soothing symptoms associated with the occurrence of skin sensitization and tract (eg. Pollen of trees and grasses). May exhibit anticancer properties.

The preparation indicated for allergic skin or intestinal tract (eg. Pollen of trees or grass).

To use:
Apply orally at a dose of 2 capsules initially. X 2-3 / 24. In the case of the preparation zauważanych effects limit the dose to 1 capsule. X 1-2 / 24. ALERBON can begin to take about a week before the expected appearance of the symptoms of allergy to grass pollen and trees.