ALFASON Repair Cream 30 g

Karo Pharma GmbH

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Alfason Repair ®
- The repair cream for dry to very dry skin, ALFASON Repair Cream.

• Immediate and long-lasting hydration - works for up to 24 hours
• Clinically tested
• Recommended by the Scandinavian Asthma Allergy Nordic Society

Alfason Repair is particularly popular with many customers and has been used for generations for very dry and cracked skin and as a complementary skin care product for atopic eczema. The effectiveness of Alfason Repair as a skin care cream has been proven in several studies. It is suitable for many areas of application, for example cheeks damaged by frost, chapped lips and dry areas all over the body. Alfason Repair has a skin-friendly pH value and contains the same lipids produced by the body as they are produced by the body. Of course, Alfason Repair is completely fragrance-free.

Alfason Repair has a high fat content (63%) and contains a combination of skin-identical lipids that occur naturally in the skin barrier. These barrier lipids penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate the skin's own repair process.